Monday, July 18, 2016

6 Nasty ways to surprise burglars and trespassers in your home

Disclaimer: Do not try any of these ideas without first confirming the legal implications involved within your state or territory, the ideas shared in this article are suggestions and should be seen as that. The reader is advised to consult with a security expert before trying out any of these methods at their homes. The author of this post is not liable for losses that may occur to whoever may apply any of these methods. Kindly apply them prudently.

A nasty surprise isn’t something anyone wants to deal with nor is it something one would want to remember, but certainly a burglar deserves to have one seeing that he too is paying his victim a nasty surprise by breaking-in to either rob or vandalize his property. When next a burglar visits your home kindly do him/her a favor, ensure they never leave your house happier than they met it. You can achieve this by leaving them a nasty surprise that they’ll remember with regrets for a long time to come. Personally if I had a chance to dish out my nasty surprise, that burglar will hate me for the rest of his/her life because I’ll ensure that they nasty reward I hand over to them leaves a permanent impression on their minds for many years to come. However I can recommend these milder – in my own words – surprises for you to grant the next burglar to your apartment. 

Hide razor wires underneath shrubs and flowers
If you discover that your windows are the most likely place for burglars to break into your home there is something you can do to make sure they leave with something really nasty to think about. You can cleverly conceal razor wires within shrubs and flowers around your windows – if you have a lot of greenery around your house - so that when a burglar tries to enter your home illegally he gets entangled with the wires and gets more than a fair share of cuts and tears on his/her clothes and skin. For this to work ensure that only the windows will likely be source of break-in. Of course no right thinking burglar would want to leave blood stains and hair samples behind, this could serve as valuable DNA evidence leading to their eventual arrest and imprisonment.

Use a weird Alarm System
A regular alarm system only makes noise which alerts the neighbours and could be easily disabled if it’s well understood by the burglar leaving your home at his/her mercy. But an unusual alarm system which frightens the burglar/intruder with a scary and unpleasant sound will leave him especially traumatized if the alarm going off also leads to his capture/arrest. So one which screams “hey thief, I’ve dialed 911, the police have picked up my signal and are coming for you, I’ve captured your face on camera” will sink down into the burglars’ ears like runoff water that got trapped in it leaving him traumatized or intimidated.  

Use a trained guard dog
One very popular video on Youtube shows just how this can be done, a burglar walks into a quiet residence when everyone is out but doesn’t realize a guard dog which is hiding in a carton box is watching him inch closer without barking. Once the burglar is within a short distance the dog charges at him biting his hands with the burglar escaping eventually without stealing anything but injuries he’ll rue for a long time.

Trap the burglar within your home
There can be nothing more exciting that watching a burglar trapped in a home he went to burglarize and hoping that the owners will come and free him from his temporary imprisonment. This can happen if you have special trap doors which go off like 5 minutes after there’s a forced entry into your home or which can be controlled electronically even by email command. Here’s how it works, a burglar has gained entry into your home and doesn’t hear an alarm go off and thinks the cost is clear but get notified by SMS that there’s a break-in at your home, you send a command SMS to the electronic door control of your trap door system which then activates all the doors to close. There’s a good chance the burglar would be trapped within a 5 minute period from when break in was received but this method works best if your windows are burglar proof and if the burglar will only use the doors.

Use smoke bomb
When the burglar breaks into a home only to perceive a very irritating smoke that leaves him/her with teary eyes and plenty of coughing to do this is possible if your smoke bomb works remotely  

Install mild shocking Electric wires on your doors/windows
Use this method with extreme caution while we don’t want to harm the burglar fatally it wouldn’t be a bad idea to inflict mild injuries or shocks entirely at the whim of the burglar. Ensure that the maximum amount of volts that can be sent through the burglar isn’t fatal but at least enough to knock him out for a few minutes. Additionally you could put up a warning sign such as “this house is protected by electric fencing technology, burglars and intruders be warned”, if this is ignored then the burglar deserves the nasty surprise awaiting him/her.